Information about Ozli


The Ozli Marketplace

Our mission:

1. To inspire hands on creativity.
2. To help adults find art classes near them 
3. To help kids find art classes near them
4. To empower talented artists
5. To enable easily accessible knowledge sharing 

Ozli's Founders Sonam Dhingra and Neel Trivedi were always interested in arts & crafts especially after a long day at work on the screen. They would search for classes yet always had a hard time finding classes nearby. As a result Ozli was born! 

With the rise of etsy sellers and DIY craft projects Ozli noticed that there are so many talented artists that can teach! However, investing in a studio can be costly and requires quite a bit of overhead. Ozli is on a mission to make it easy and manageable for artists to teach, share knowledge, and earn extra income. 

We hope Ozli helps you find art classes near by, and for you to continue being curious!

For any questions or concerns please email us at
- the Ozli crew